Borderlands 2: Get skag meat

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Get skag meat

"Get skag meat" is an objective in the quest in The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler DLC


Head to the Southwest from the back of Cocina de los Diablos. Once back there, drop down any of the openings in the floor. Continue to the West to find a door blocking your way. Mr Torgue will use his remote lockpicking program to open the door: EXPLOSIVES!

There is likely some form of Slaughterhouse Psycho. Kill him then head South and East to find the first of 3 pieces of Skag Meat found in Freezeburn Fridge. Kill of the Butchers and Chefs that come after you as you approach the meat. With them dead head over to the

Go over to the East to find the second piece of Skag Meat. This one you need to jump up to in order to tag and move it along. Now you will need to head to the North.

Go into the circular room in the Northeastern part of the Freezeburn Fridge. You will find the third piece of Skag Meat hanging there. You can't reach it from the ground so you will need to head to the South. First through, you must defeat the first 2 Tributes: Glasspool and William, Tributes of Wurmwater.