Borderlands 2: Hidden Journals

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Hidden Journals

"Hidden Journals" is a side quest in Borderlands 2

Mission Type[edit]

Sidequest (Optional Mission)

Start location[edit]


How to start[edit]

Speak to Tannis after Bright Lights, Flying City


The Highlands


Journal 1

The Hidden Journal Locations

Head on out from Sanctuary over to Overlook in The Highlands. Head to the South out of town and grab a vehicle. The Highlands are a big place and it is a lot easier getting around with wheels. Head to the Northeast along the road South of Overlook. Follow it to the North and then get out and walk up to Old Cranky's Pond. Fight on through the Stalkers and get up to the Pond. When you make it there, head for the boat behind the Northern shack. Just start and keep running. There is a badass thresher that lives in this pond that will very much try to kill you. if you are confident in your skills, then take it on. Otherwise, grab Tannis's ECHO Recorder

Journal 2

The Hidden Journal Locations

Head to the Southwest over to the Blake Bridge. Stop and get out on the Southern side of it. You will see some stairs going underneath it. Take those to get at the Northern part of the Underside of the bridge. You will find a second little hut suspended there. Walk out onto the iron beam then turn to the left and jump over to the one on your left. Head inside to find the second Journal. Your biggest concern here are the Threshers below who will be firing spikes and spit at you. They can knock you down. If you get knocked down, just run for it or take them on and then try again.

Journal 3

The Hidden Journal Locations

Head to the South through the tunnel. Time for you to make for the Hyperion Complex: Aggregate Acquisition that is set up in this area. Take out the 2 Turrets guards the front and then start over to the North. Once again, you are taking on a lot of Loaders and come Combat Engineers. Go until you make it to the Northern end. Turn to the East after that and then start going South to loop to the West. Cross the bridge where you will meet a Constructor. Take it down then deal with the Combat Engineers and BUL Loaders. Turn to the South and hop onto the little storage area just to the South of where the Constructor was. You will find the next Journal behind an electrical wall. Shoot the fuse box that is sitting higher up on the tower to disable it.

Journal 4

The Hidden Journal Locations

Head to the South of Aggregate Acquisition and toward the Mill. Go toward the Mouth of the cave behind it. This will lead you to Frothing Creek Mill. Just behind the mill itself you will see a massive animal transport. Go around it and look at the rear door. You will see 2 Stalker Bundles holding it up. Shoot them to let the door down and give you access to the final journal.

Head back to Sanctuary using any Fast Travel Station to finish this mission.

TURN IN: Tannis


4 Eridium and XP

Mission Briefing[edit]

How did an insane introvert with Asperger's manage to survive in Sanctuary?

Mission Debriefing[edit]

You retrieved Tannis's journals, learning quite a lot about nosebleeds in the process.