Bl2Hyperion Slaughter Round 5.jpg

"Hyperion Slaughter: Round 5" is a side quest in Borderlands 2

Mission Type

Sidequest (Optional Mission)

Start location

Ore Chasm

How to start

Speak to Innuendobot 5000


Ore Chasm

Optional Objective

Kill Hyperion with Critical Hits 0/30


Assemble in Arena

Complete Wave 1

Complete Wave 2

Complete Wave 3

Complete Wave 4

Complete Wave 5

Complete Wave 6

Complete wave 7

TURN IN: Innuendobot 5000


Blue Sniper Rifle Chere-amie and XP

Mission Briefing

Can you survive the final round of the Hyperion Slaughter?

Mission Debriefing

You've completeed the Hyperion Slaughter! Mechanized warriors everywhere will speak of you in hushed whispers - or the y would, if robots were capable of whispering. Or emotion.