Borderlands 2: Loot Ninja

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The Loot Ninja side quest in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

"Loot Ninja" is a sidequest from Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC in Borderlands 2

Mission Type[edit]

Optional Side Mission (DLC4)

How to start[edit]

Head into the Hatred's Shadow. Just after you pass through Throgmuk's Precipice and get through the Orc Village, you will see the Quest marker. Just head into the Cave you find there to locate the start of this quest: Sir Gallow


Hatred's Shadow


Investigate Sir Boil

Investigate Sir Mash

Investigate Sir Stew

Return to Sir Gallow

Kill The Mimic

Turn in: Torgue the Gatekeeper


Money, XP


A knight named Sir Gallow suspects one of his friends of a most heinous crime: loot ninja-ing. In other words, someone has stolen all of the gear that dropped from an enemy he and his buddies killed. He's asked you to track down his friends and kill them all in an attempt to discover which of them stole his loot.


Murder: completely fine. Stealing loot from somebody you murdered: unacceptable.


A loot ninja is a person who, in an MMO, will just rush in and steal the best loot for themselves before any Need/Greed or other determining rolls or choices are made.


Sir Gallow: "EVIL is on the loose! I recently felled a dragon, but could not find a SINGLE gun on its corpse. There is but one explanation: my colleagues are loot ninjas. You must eliminate them and return what they stole!"

Sir Boil: "I stole nothing! Sir Gallow has gone mad! MAD, I say!"

Open the crate:

Sir Boil: "I shall not forgive this insult to my honor! Have at you!"

After killing Sir Boil:

Sir Gallow: "Curious -- he carried no loot. He must not have been the loot ninja. Still, track the others down -- I will have my justice.

Approach Sir Marsh:

Sir Marsh: "This is utter lunacy! I am no ninja of loot!"

Investigate Sir Mash's Tent:

Sir Mash: "I have no time for this! To arms!"

After killing Sir Mash:

Sir Gallow: "Accursed luck -- he carried no loot either. Ah, well -- it must be the the final member of my former posse who betrayed me. Of this, I am CERTAIN!

Open Sir Stew's Chest:

Sir Stew: "Die."


After killing Sir Stew:

Sir Gallow: "What's this, then? He had no loot EITHER? Curious. Nonetheless, you deserve a reward -- return to me. Return to me.

Get back into Sir Gallow's Cave:

Sir Gallow: "You're back -- let's get your reward, shall we? Shame about my former colleagues. If none of them were stealing the group's loot, I wonder who was. You may have ONE item from this chest! ONE!"

As the chest eats him:


Torgue: "man, that quest was dark and ironic -- a true look into the duplicitousness of interpersonal relationships! NOW COME SEE ME SO YOU CAN EXPLAIN WHAT THE HELL I JUST SAID!"

Mission Turn-In:

Torgue: "'Duplicitousness'? WHO THE HELL TALKS LIKE THAT ?!"