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Please note that Loot The World has ended as of Oct 22, 2015. If you have the app installed on a phone and select the News option this message will be displayed. I did not find anything listed on Gearbox's side but I did find a report on Game Informer. It would appear that any unused stamps or items in your inventory that were not already transferred to your character will be lost. It was a good run for the app while it lasted.

This page will have bar codes for items and stamps for the Loot the World mobile app.

Loot the World is an app that allows you to scan barcodes and QR codes to generate a random weapon drop, which you can then send to your in-game account through SHiFT.

Note that the Loot the World app is only available in the United States at this time.

While this page will be updated, please add good codes you find here! (Post only rare loot - Blue, Purple, E-Tech, and Legendary). Bookmark this page and check back often for new barcodes!

How to use[edit]

  • Download and install "LootTheWorld" app from iTunes shop or Play Store (Now available only in the US)
  • Sign in to SHiFT account
  • Open app and choose "Shoot" to scan a barcode from below
  • Item will appear in the inventory tab of the app
  • Use "Send" to send item to the game (costs 1 stamp. The number of stamps you have is displayed in the bottom left corner. Codes for new stamps will be posted here so keep checking back)
  • The item should appear in the backpack of the first character you load after you sent the code
  • To delete an item from the app inventory, slide left (iPhone) or hold down on the item card until a menu pops up and then press delete (Android)

Note: Codes have a limited number of uses. If all uses for a certain code have been exhausted, it will say: "Sorry, bucko - this code's been exhausted." If you get that message, DELETE the exhausted code!

So make sure to check this page often so that you can scan the QR code before it runs out! The more rare the item that is discovered, the more people will scan it and the faster it will expire so check back for new codes every chance you get! CODES ARE ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS!

To find your own QR code, go to the "Settings" tab, and you'll find the button there to generate your QR. You can scan that by taking a screenshot and uploading to imgur, etc.

QR Code Generators[edit]

You can use QR Code Generators to farm for rares. If you do get a rare item (blue,purple,e-tech,orange) then please share the qr code below! You can also share it on‎

List of QR Code Generators:

(see the talk page before adding any more links in this section)


2 Stamps (Twitter 12-19-13)


2 Stamps (Facebook 12-19-13)

FB Stamps 12-19-13.JPG

2 Stamps (Facebook 12-24-13)


2 Stamps (Twitter 12-24-13)


2 Stamps (12-25-13)

2 Stamps (12-25-13)

2 Stamps (1-24-14 Twitter)

2 Stamps (01-25-14)

[1] [2]

2 Stamps (02-07-14 Twitter) [3]

2 Stamps (02-07-14 Facebook) [4]

2 Stamps (02-20-14 Twitter) [5]

2 Stamps (02-20-14 Facebook) [6]

2 Stamps (02-26-14 Twitter) [7]

2 Stamps (02-26-14 Facebook) [8]

2 Stamps (03-06-14 Twitter) [9]

2 Stamps (03-06-14 Facebook) [10]

2 Stamps (03-11-14 Twitter) [11]

2 Stamps (03-11-14 Facebook) [12]

2 Stamps (03-18-14 Twitter) [13]

2 Stamps (03-18-14 Facebook) [14]

2 Stamps (04-01-14 Twitter) [15]

2 Stamps (04-01-14 Facebook) [16]

Legendary/Orange Items[edit]

[Please share ALL Legendary/Orange Items in this section for convenience. THANKS! Lvl 44 sniper rifle: cohesion invader:

Lvl 55 adaptive shield: neogenator File:Neogenator Code (Legendary).jpg

Assault Rifles[edit]

Level 17 Stabbing Torpedo (Purple) ***exhausted***

Level 37 Sputtering Spitter ***exhausted***

Lvl 49 Sputtering Spitter (Blue) ***exhausted***

Level 50 Cowboy Cannon (Purple) ***exhausted***

Lvl 55 hurty Ass Beeter! (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 59 Slag Renegade (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 59 Slag Renegade (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 64 Woeful Rocketeer (Blue)

Lvl 65 Reserve Carbine Assault Rifle (Blue)

Lvl 65 bandity Mashine Gun (Blue)

Lvl 65 Filled Rifle (Blue)

Lvl 72 Filled Rifle (Blue)


Lvl 30 Leather Coach Gun (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 30 Lumpy Ravager (Blue)

Lvl 33 Value Home Security (Blue)

Lvl 39 Value Sportsman (Blue)

Lvl 40 Crudy Stret Sweper (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 41 Ornery Quad (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 51 Potential Splatgun (E-Tech) ***exhausted***

Lvl 55 Huntining long range kilier (Blue)

Level 57 Filled Scattergun (Blue)

Lvl 57 Handy Longrider (Blue)

Lvl 57 Boosted Shotgun Supreme! (Blue)

Lvl 59 Texas Longrider (Purple) (Exhausted)

Level 60 Straight Ravager (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 61 Customer Focused Thinking (Blue)

Lvl 62 Fixated Stalker (Blue, Explosive)

Lvl 62 Zapper Room Clener (Blue)

Lvl 63 Lumpy Ravager (Blue)

Lvl 64 Drumed Stret Sweper Shotgun (Blue)

Level 65 Tri Fusion Crowdsourcing (Blue)

Lvl 66 Duble Bareld Stret Sweper (Blue)

Lvl 67 Clement Thinking (Blue)***exhausted***

Lvl 69 Extra Large Splatgun (E-Tech) ***exhausted***

Lvl 69 Customer Focused Thinking (Blue)***exhausted***

Lvl 69 Easy Bangstick (Blue)***exhausted***


Lvl 15 Two for One Aimshot (Blue) (exhausted)

Lvl 17 Akurate Shoky (Blue) (exhausted)

Lvl 20 Top-notch Subcompact MG (Blue) (exhausted)

Lvl 23 Rightsizing Plasma Caster (E-tech) ***Exhausted***

Lvl 23 Flying Plasma Caster (E-Tech) ***Exhausted***

LVL 28 Disposable Special (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 30 Biodegradable Subcompact MG (Blue)

Lvl 31 Refactored Projectile Convergeance (Blue)

Lvl 31 Refactored Projectile Covergeance (Blue)

Lvl 33 Rightsizing Projectile Convergence (Blue)

Lvl 33 Skirmish SMG (Blue)

Lvl 35 Sparkling Subcompact MG (Blue)

Lvl 36 guaranteed subcompact MG (purple)

Lvl 38 Crudy smig (Blue)

Lvl 38 Reserve Fox (Blue)

Lvl 39 bandity rokgun (Blue)

Lvl 43 Fresh Subcompact MG (Blue)

Lvl 53 Asset Transmurdera (Blue)

Lvl 58 Light Falcon (blue)

Lvl 60 Proactive Presence (Blue)

Lvl 60 React Falcon (Blue)

Lvl 61 Defered Projectile Convergence (Blue)

Lvl 61 Biodegradable Subcompact MG (Blue)

Level 64 Analytical Storm (blue)

Level 64 Hyperon-Inspiring Projectile Convergence (Blue)

Level 67 Refill Special (Blue)

Lvl 70 Electrified Aegis (Blue)

Sniper Rifles[edit]

Lvl 31 Monstrous Corinthian (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 31 Gentleman's Corinthian (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 32 Gentleman's Rakehell (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 45 Siah-siah Diaub (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 48 Dandy Corinthian (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 56 Chikamin Callipeen (Blue) ***exhausted***

Level 57 Skookum Callipeen (Blue)

Level 60 Razrez Bratchny (Blue)

Level 60 Razrez Bratchny (Blue)

Lvl 61 Britva Horrorshow (Blue)

lvl 68 Phospher Horrorshow (Blue) (Fire)

Level 68 Callipeen (Blue) ***exhausted***

Lvl 70 Gentleman's Snider (Blue) ***exhausted***

Level 72 Fashionable Snider (Blue) ***exhausted***

Rocket Launchers[edit]

Lvl 16 Verm dee Duuurp! RPG (Blue)

Lvl 23 Rocket RPG (Blue) ~~Exhausted~~

Level 31 Prudential Projectile (Blue) (Fire)


Level 32 Ruthless RPG (Blue) (exhausted)

Level 37 Proximate Projectile (Blue) (Shock)

Level 38 Snappy Launcher (Blue)

Level 62 Rocket Launcher (Blue)

Level 64 gas dunk ga boom (Blue) (Explosive)

Level 71 Snappy Spread (Blue)


Level 13 Mercurial Fire Nova Shield (Blue)

Level 14 Maliwan Dashing Corrosive Spike Shield (Blue)

Level 15 Turtle Shield - 857/62/3.78/-173 (blue)

Level 16 Consolidated Amplify Shield (Blue) (exhausted)

Lvl 17 Biger Malay Shield (Blue)

Lvl 18 Winged Shock Nova Shield (Blue)

Lvl 19 Therapeutic Adaptive Shield (Blue)

Level 19 Less Waite Maylay Shield (Blue)

Lvl 21 Selected Turtle Shield (Blue) (exhausted)

Level 21 Maximal Adaptive Shield (Blue)

Level 22 Blast proof Maylay Shield (Blue)

Level 22 Ardent Corrosive Spike Shield (Blue)

Ardent Corrosive Spike Shield (Blue Lvl 22).png

LVL 22 Righteous Absorb Shield (Blue)

Level 23 Go Nowe Maylay shield (Blue)

Level 23 Amplify Shield (Blue)

Level 25 Therapeutic Adaptive Shield (Blue)

Therapeutic Adaptive Shield (Blue Lvl 25).png

Lvl 26 Momentous Absorb Shield (Blue, 23%) 5/1/2015

Lvl 27 Expeditious Amplify Shield (Blue)

Lvl 28 High Yield Amplify Shield (Blue)

Lvl 28 Armored Turtle Shield (Blue)

Lvl 29 Unbroken Absorb Shield (Blue) (both links go to same loot)

Lvl 29 Majestic Fire Nova Shield (Blue)

Lvl 29 Adaptive Shield (Blue)

Lvl 31 Commendable Amplify Shield (Purple)

Lvl 31 Beefed Up Explosive Spike Shield (Blue)

Lvl 32 Expanded Shield (Blue)

Lvl 33 Absorb Shield (Blue)

Lvl 34 Armored Turtle Shield (Blue)

Level 35 Streamlined Amplify Shield (Blue)

Lvl 35 Rollin' Explosive Spike Shield (Blue)

Lvl 35 Maylay Shield (Blue)

Lvl 37 Shankin' Explosive Spike Shield (Blue)

Lvl 37 Expanded Shield (Blue)

Lvl 39 Frosty Booster Shield (Blue)

Lvl 40 Smacki Maylay Shield (Blue)

Lvl 40 Fast Acting Shield (Blue)

Lvl 41 Amplify Shield (Blue)

Lvl 41 Rapid Fire Spike Shield (Blue)

Lvl 41 Supersized Shield (Blue)

Lvl 42 Vigilant Absorb Shield (Blue)

Lvl 42 Wide Eyed Booster Shield (Blue) 5/1/2015

Lvl 44 Dashing Shock Spike Shield (Blue)

Lvl 45 Revolutionary Absorb Shield (Blue)

Lvl 46 Roughneck Booster Shield (Blue)

Lvl 48 Resplendant Acid Nova Shield (Blue)

Level 49 Majestic Fire Spike Shield (Blue)

lvl 53 Unbroken absorb shield

Lvl 54 Fire Nova Shield (Blue)

Lvl 54 Ever-Alert Absorb Shield (Blue)

lvl 54 Diagnostic Adaptive Shield (blue)

Lvl 55 Doughboy Booster Shield (Blue)

Lvl 55 Qik Startr Maylay Shield (Blue)

Lvl 55 Pressing Acid Nova Shield (Blue)

Lvl 56 Armored Turtle Shield (Blue)

Level 56 Invasive Adaptive Shield (Blue)

Invasive Adaptive Shield (Blue Lvl 56).png

Lvl 57 Vital Adaptive Shield (Blue)

Lvl 57 Maylay Shield (Blue)

Lvl 57 Acceleratin' Explosive Nova Shield (Blue)

Lvl 57 Lively Shock Spike Shield (Blue)

Lvl 59 Low Dose Adaptive Shield (Green)

Lvl 59 Synergistic Amplify Shield (Blue)

Lvl 59 Racin' Explosive Spike Shield (Purple) (I apologize in advance if the photo quality is bad)

Lvl 60 Ardent Shock Spike Shield (Blue)

Lvl 60 Qik Startr Maylay Shield (Blue)

Level 60 Majestic Corrosive Spike Shield (Blue)

Majestic Corrosive Spike Shield (Blue Lvl 60).png

Lvl 61 Blast Proof Absorb Shield (Blue)

Lvl 61 Unwavering Fire Nova Shield (Blue)

Lvl 61 Vital Adaptive Shield (Blue)

Lvl 62 Rockin' Explosive Spike Shield (Purple)

Lvl 62 Patent Adaptive Shield

Lvl 64 Maylay Shield (Blue)

Level 64 Cultured Fire Spike Shield

Lvl 65 Maylay Shield(blue)

Lvl 65 PDQ Booster Shield (Blue)

Lvl 65 Therapeutic Adaptive Shield (Blue)

Lvl 65 Roughneck Booster Shield (Blue)

Lvl 66 Consolidated Amplify Shield (Blue)

Lvl 66 Tactical Booster Shield (Blue)

Lvl 66 Spazz Maylay Shield (Blue)

Lvl 66 Doughboy Booster Shield (Blue)

Lvl 67 Less Waite Maylay Shield (Blue)

Lvl 67 Revolutionary Absorb Shield (Blue)

Lvl 68 Expanded Shield (Blue)

Lvl 68 Symmetrical Turtle Shield (Blue)

Level 68 Amplify Shield (Blue)

Amplify Shield (Blue Lvl 68).png

Lvl 69 Intensified Adaptive Shield (Blue)

Lvl 69 Righteous Absorb Shield (Blue)

Lvl 69 Amplify Shield (Blue)

Lvl 70 Hippocratic Adaptive Shield (Blue)

Lvl 70 High Yield Amplify Shield (Blue)

Lvl 71 Rapid Fire Spike Shield (purple)

Class Mods[edit]

Lvl 13 Ausoicious Raider Gunzerker Class Mod (Blue)

Lvl 14 Security Shock Trooper Class Mod (Commando) (Blue)

Lvl 15 Vengeful Beast Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Blue)

Level 18 Impervious Tank Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Blue)

Impervious Tank Class Mod (Blue Lvl 18).png

Lvl 20 Altered Beast Class Mod (Blue)

Lvl 20 Hoarding War Dog Class Mod (Blue)

Lvl 24 Two Gun Berserker Gunzerker Class Mod (Blue)

Level 24 Efficient Tactician Class Mod (Commando) (Blue) ***EXHAUSTED***

Efficient Tactician Class Mod (Blue Lvl 24).png

Lvl 26 Team Bullet Regeneration Class Mod (Gunzerker)

Lvl 32 Unyielding Banshee Class Mod (Blue)

Lvl 36 Unstoppable Beserker Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Blue)

Lvl 38 Shadow Stalker Class Mod (Assassin) (Blue)

Level 40 Unstoppable Berserker Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Blue)

Unstoppable Berserker Class Mod (Blue Lvl 40).png

Lvl 41 Expert Veteran Class Mod (Commando) (Blue)

Lvl 42 True Shot Class Mod (Assassin) (Purple)

Lvl 44 Expert Veteran Class Mod (Commando) (Blue)

Lvl 45 Armored Titan Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Blue)

Lvl 45 Diehard Veteran Class Mod (Commando) (Blue)

Lvl 46 Tactician Class Mod (Commando) (Blue)

Lvl 46 Shadow Stalker Class Mod (Assassin) (Blue)

Level 46 Efficiency Engineer Class Mod (Commando) (Blue)

Efficiency Engineer Class Mod (Blue Lvl 46).png

Lvl 47 Contemptible Survivor Class Mod (Blue)

Lvl 48 Assualt Shock Trooper Class Mod (Commando) (Blue)

Lvl 48 Rebounding Warder Class Mod (Siren) (Blue)

Lvl 49 Expert Veteran Class Mod (Commando) (Blue)

Lvl 51 Long Shot Class Mod (Assassin) (Blue)

Lvl 54 Unhinged Berserker Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Blue)

Lvl 55 Unstoppable Berserker Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Blue)

Lvl 56 Grisly Pointman Class Mod (Commando) (Blue)

Lvl 56 Cunning Binder Class Mod (Siren) (Blue)

Level 57 Unstoppable Berserker Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Blue)

Level 57 Unequaled Professional Class Mod (Assassin) (Blue)

Lvl 58 Mirrored Trickster Class Mod (Siren) (Blue)

Level 59 Leeching Matriarch Class Mod (Siren) (Purple) ***exhausted***

Leeching Matriarch Class Mod (Purple Lvl 59).png

Lvl 62 Lucky Hoarder Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Blue)

Level 62 Hulking Tank Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Blue)

Hulking Tank Class Mod (Blue Lvl 62).png

Level 63 Impact Rifleman Class Mod (Commando) (Blue)

Impact Rifleman Class Mod (Blue Lvl 63).png

Level 63 Savage Beast Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Purple)

Lvl 64 Rugged Infiltrator Class Mod (Blue)

Lvl 66 Shadow Ninja Class Mod (Blue)

Lvl 66 Impact Grenadier Class Mod (Blue)

Lvl 68 Relentless Matriarch Class Mod (Siren) (Purple)***exhausted***

Lvl 70 Vengeful Beast Class Mod (Gunzerker) (Blue)***exhausted***

Grenade Mods[edit]

Lvl 16 Rubberized Corrosive Cloud (Blue)

Lvl 16 Stikky lungbomm Murrv (Blue)

Lvl 17 Bowncy gurnade (Blue)

Lvl 17 Rubberized Mirv (Blue)

Lvl 17 Longbow Shock Transfusion (Purple)

Level 17 Longbow Shock Transfusion (Purple) 2nd Find

Longbow Shock Transfusion (Purple Grenade Lvl 17).png

Lvl 17 Lungbomm Lectrik GUrnade (blue)

Lvl 18 Homing Tesla (Blue)

Lvl 19 Rubberized Fire Burst (Purple)

Lvl 19 Sticky Longbow Shock Transfusion (Purple)

Lvl 21 Lobbed Incendiary Transfusion (Blue)

Level 22 Homing Fire Burst (Blue)

Homing Fire Burst (Blue Grenade Lvl 22).png

Level 22 Longbow Corrosive Cloud (Blue)

Longbow Corrosive Cloud (Blue Grenade Lvl 22).png

Level 23 Sticky Lobbed Incendiary Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 23 Lobbed Mirv (Blue)

Lvl 23 Rubberized Fire Burst (Blue)

Lvl 24 Sticky Lobbed Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 24 Lobbed Incendiary Transfusion (Purple)

LVL 25 Sticky Lobbed Mirv (Blue)

LVL 25 Longbow Mirv (Blue)

Lvl 26 Sticky Longow Incendiary Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 27 Bowncy gurnade (Blue)

Lvl 26 Rubberized Corrosive Cloud (Blue)

Lvl 28 Homing Singularity (Blue)

Lvl 29 Rubberized Bouncing Betty (Blue)

Lvl 30 Homing Incendiary Transfusion (Blue)

Level 30 Rubberized Mirv (Blue)

Rubberized Mirv (Blue Grenade Lvl 30).png

Level 30 Bowncy asidy Jumpin Biddy (Blue)

Bowncy asidy Jumpin Biddy (Blue Grenade Lvl 30).png

Lvl 34 Homing Corrosive Bouncing Betty (Blue)

Lvl 36 Rubberized Incendiary Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 37 Lobbed Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 39 Sticky Lobbed Incendiary Singularity (Blue)

Level 39 Sticky Lobbed Incendiary Singularity (Blue) 2nd find

Sticky Lobbed Incendiary Singularity (Blue Grenade Lvl 39).png

Level 39 Bowncy gurnade (Blue)

Bowncy gurnade (Blue Grenade Lvl 39).png

Level 39 Rubberized Corrosive Cloud (Blue)

Rubberized Corrosive Cloud (Blue Grenade Lvl 39).png

Lvl 42 Rubberized Fire Burst (Blue)

Lvl 42 Sticky Lobbed Corrosive Grenade (Blue)

Lvl 45 Lobbed Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 47 Lobbed Slag Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 47 Lobbed Tesla (blue) 4/12/15

Lvl 47 Longbow Shock Singularity (Blue, Electrocute) 5/1/2015

Level 48 Homing Slag Bouncing Betty (Blue)

Level 48 Sticky Homing Corrosive Singularity (Blue)

Sticky Homing Corrosive Singularity (Blue Grenade Lvl 48).png

Lvl 49 Humming Gurnade (Blue)

Level 49 Sticky Longbow Slag Transfusion (Blue)

Sticky Longbow Slag Transfusion (Blue Grenade Lvl 49).png

Lvl 50 Homing Slag Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 50 Longbow Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 52 Sticky Longbow Incendiary Bouncing Betty (Blue)

Lvl 52 Throw'n Stik Burnin jumpin Biddy (Blue)

Lvl 53 Homing Shock Grenade (Blue)

Lvl 56 Homing Incendiary Grenade (Blue)

Level 58 Rubberized Singularity (Blue)

Rubberized Singularity (Blue Grenade Lvl 58).png

Lvl 59 Longbow Shock Grenade (Purple)

Lvl 59 Sticky Lobbed Mirv (Blue)

Lvl 59 Humming Asidy Gurnade (Blue)

Level 59 Lungbomm Sluj gurnade (Blue)

Lungbomm Sluj gurnade (Blue Grenade Lvl 59).png

Level 59 Rubberized Incendiary Singularity (Blue)

Rubberized Incendiary Singularity (Blue Grenade Lvl 59).png

Level 62 Lobbed Corrosive Singularity (Blue)

Lobbed Corrosive Singularity (Blue Grenade Lvl 62).png

Level 62: Lobbed Tesla (Blue)

Level 64 Homing Corrosive Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 64 Homing Corrosive Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 64 homing tesla (Blue)

Level 64 Humming Lectrik Mruv (Blue)

Humming Lectrik Mruv (Blue Grenade Lvl 64).png

Lvl 65 Sticky Homing Corrosive Transfusion (Blue)

Lvl 67 Lobbed Incendiary Grenade (Blue)

Lvl 67 Sticky Homing Transfusion Grenade Mod (Blue)

Level 67 Throwin Murrv (Purple)

Throwin Murrv (Purple Grenade Lvl 67).png

Lvl 71 Homing Corrosive Cloud (Blue)



Lvl 37 Vitality Relic (Blue, 36.8% Health) 5/1/2015

Lvl 37 Tenacity Relic 20.1 fight for your life 97% 2nd wind (blue)

Lvl 40 Resistance Relic (Blue)

Lvl 40 Vitality Relic (Blue)

Lvl 41 Vitality Relic (Blue)Exhausted"'

Lvl 46 Elemental Relic (Purple) - Explosive 27%

Lvl 62 Allegiance Relic (Maliwan) (Purple)

Lvl 63 Elemental Relic (Blue)

lvl 53 Elemental Relic

Lvl 69 Strength Relic (Blue, 30.7% Melee) 5/1/2015

lvl 71 Aggression Relic