Borderlands 2: No Vacancy

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The Mission "No Vacancy" takes place in this motel called "Happy Pig Motel" in the Three Horns Valley.

No Vacancy is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Quest Giver[edit]

No Vacancy ECHO Recorder (Happy Pig Motel)


Plan B


Three Horns Valley

Happy Pig Motel


Turn on Steam Pump

Find Steam Valve

Open capacitor door.

Find Capacitor

Get Gearbox from Bullymong

Find Gearbox

Replace Steam Valve

Replace Capacitor

Replace Gearbox

Turn on Steam Pump

Turn in: Happy Pig Bounty Board



Repair the Southpaw pump.

Level 8

Side Mission

Optional: Yes



791 XP

Common Skin Customization (White)





Progress Updates and Quotes[edit]

"You found the Happy Pig Motel, huh? Yeah. Bloodshots wiped that place out but good after Roland kicked'em out of Sanctuary. You might be able to turn everythin' back on if you activate that steam pump". (Scooter)

"Aw man, the steam pumps ain't working neither? I see your problem - and I'm gonna take this slow so's you can understand, alright? Ready? That thing's broke as hell. Better scavenge some replacement parts from the other pumps near the motel." (Scooter)

"Now, the valve yer lookin' for is waaaaay up at the tippy-top of that pump - you gonna have to climb your way up that thing like a snort-happy rid-head on a slag binge if you wanna get at it" (Scooter)

"Some skaglick turned off our steampump! PERFORATE 'EM!" (Bandit)

"Ooh you got the steam thingy? Cool. These pumps used to work off some other tech, but people complained so they switched over". (Scooter)

"Damn Bullymongs love buildin their homes on these southpaw pumps. Well, best kill that 'mong" (Scooter)

"Ha, you went and found the gearbox, huh? Man, those gearboxers sure are the cat's unforsaken roar, as we're want to say 'round here. Go 'head and plug 'er in!"

"I betcha my remaining kidney that pump right there's still got a workin' capacitor. Just flip open the volt casin and grab that suckaduck"

"Dam, son - looks like the skags ate the hell outta that steam pump's capacitor. Better start poppin' skags until one of'em drops it."

"Well that sure looks like the apacitor I was lookin' for."

"Well, looks like ya got everyhin' ya need to repair that steam pump - just plug them banana boats in, and the bounty board'll be as juiced up as an Olympic athlete whose parents have unrealistically high expectations of him"

"Pump's ready to go, man! Just turn her on and watch the sparks fly!"

"Haha Woo! That bounty board oughtta be powered up now - switch'er on and you should have a buttload of new jobs to take. Hah! Catch a job!"

Mission Briefing[edit]

You found the abandoned Happy Pig Motel. Scooter has asked you to turn the town's power back on so you can use the motel's vending machines and bounty board.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

The Happy Pig Bounty Board is now open for business!


How to climb up the tower[edit]

To get to the top of the oil rig, you need to shoot the ladder. Than climb up

After you are on the roof, get the Steam Valve from the platform by jumping and grabbing.

kill the bandits that attack you.

Go to the other waypoints now to get the rest of the components. Use your vehicle.

The capacitor is in a pump, but is surrounded by Barf Skags and Adult Skags. Open the Capacitor Door, but the Capacitor is not there. So you need to kill the Skags until one of them drops it.

Drive to the last waypoint. Kill the Bullymong (it's usually a Badass Bullymong) to obtain the Gearbox

Go back to the motel and replace parts. Some of the parts require you to climb up the ladder you previously climbed.

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

After getting the Steam Valve, stay at the top of the rig for a little and snipe down at the bandits.

Use the vehicle guns to kill the Badass Bullymong and Skags