Borderlands 2: Plan B

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"Plan B" is the Chapter 6 story mission in Borderlands 2. You get it after completing the mission The Road to Sanctuary.


Meet guard at gate

Speak to town mechanic

Pick up 2 fuel cells

Install first fuel cell

Install second fuel cell

Buy something from Crazy Earl

Install the third fuel cell

Talk to Crimson Raider

Get key to Roland's Command Center

Unlock Roland's command center


Story Mission

Optional: No






Mission Briefing[edit]

Roland is missing. With their leader gone, the Crimson Raiders of Sanctuary are helpless. Roland left specific instructions with the town mechanic, Scooter, which were to be carried out in the event of his disappearance. Scooter has asked you to help him carry out these instructions, which entail getting Sanctuary - which, if you're keeping score, used to be an old mining spaceship - airborne and out of Jack's reach.

Mission Debriefing[edit]


Money and XP

Previous Story Mission[edit]

The Road to Sanctuary

Next Story Mission[edit]

Hunting the Firehawk