A Badass Corrosive Skag shooting out a steam of corrosive acid in Borderlands 2

Skags in Borderlands 2 were once a common sight on Pandora until they were hunted down en masse by Pandora’s population due to their annoying tendency to viciously maul unwary travelers. There are still hundreds upon thousands of the beasts out there in the wastes; they’re just less common now. The remaining Skags have adapted by using intelligent pack strategies and evolving higher levels of elemental control.


Adult Skags

Alpha Skags

Horned Skag

Hawking Skag

Barf Skags

Badass Corrosive Skags

Badass Fire Skags

Badass Shock Skags

Pup Skags

Horned Skag Pup

Spitter Skags

Unique (Named) Skags

Ol' Pukey


Shipping Yard (Wildlife Preservation)