A Slot Machine in Moxxxis in Borderlands 2

Slot Machines are a mini-game in Borderlands 2

Slot Machine Locations

There are two slot machines in Moxxxis club in Sanctuary

There is one slot machine in The Holy Spirits

There is one slot machine in The Dust hidden inside a building in the large area to the right of Ellie's garage

Two slot machines in the Badass Crater Bar (Requires Campaign of Carnage)

Torgue Tokens Slot Machines

The Campaign of Carnage DLC introduced new slot machines that use Torgue Tokens

See: Torgue Slot Machines

How much does it cost to spin the slot machine?

The price per spin increases with your level, but so does the quality of the prizes.

When spinning while in a group, you get better prizes.

What can you win from the Slot Machines?

You can spend money and spin the slot machine to try and win prizes.

Your winnings depend on the combinations you get.

Prizes can range from cash, to green (uncommon) guns, blue (rare) guns, orange (legendary) guns, Eridium and more

Slot Machine Odds of winning a prize

See: Moxxi Slot Machines Odds, Probabilities and Statistics

Winning Combinations Table

See the slot machine winning combinations below. Click on each combination to see more details and what you win.

The prizes here are displayed from worse prize to better prize. Click on each combination to find out what you can win if you land it.

Psycho Mask - Psycho Mask - Psycho Mask (Triple Masks)

Seven - Seven - Psycho Mask (Two 7's and a mask)

3 Eridium Bars - 3 Eridium Bars - Psycho Mask (Two Triple Eridium Bars and a mask)

Borderlands Logo - Borderlands Logo - Psycho Mask (Two logos and a mask)

Eridium Bar - Eridium Bar - Bell (Two Single Eridium Bars and a bell)

2 Eridium Bars - 2 Eridium Bars - Bell (Two Double Eridium Bars and bell)

3 Eridium Bars - 3 Eridium Bars - Bell (Two Triple Eridium Bars and bell)

Cherries - Cherries - Cherries (Triple Cherries)

Seven - Seven - Seven (Triple 7s)

Leg - Leg - Leg (Triple Legs)

Eridium Bar - Eridium Bar - Eridium Bar (Three Eridium Bars)


Borderlands Logo - Borderlands Logo - Borderlands Logo (Three Borderlands Icons)