Borderlands 2: The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler

From Orcz
Wattle Gobbler

Release Date

US - November 26, 2013


Steam/PS3: $2.99

Microsoft Points: 240


This Thanksgiving themed DLC "Headhunter" pack is the second of five Headhunter packs that will be released.

New Content

This add-on pack contains a single, medium environment. This DLC is built around a Contest that the Torgue Corporation is running with Mister Torgue acting as MC.

The Vault Hunter is called in to participate in the Togue Hunger for Explosions Extravaganza and face off against the Wattle Gobbler, a massive mutant turkey.

New Zones

Gluttony Gulch


The Hunger Pangs

Grandma Flexington's Story

Grandma Flexington's Story: Raid Difficulty


Wattle Gobbler

New Heads & Skins

Wattle Gobbler Heads and Skins

New NPCs

President Smith

Grandma Flexington

New Enemies

Fry Cook


Stabber Jabber

Slaughterhouse Psycho

Short Stack

Chef Gouda Remsay

The Rat in the Hat

Chef Brulee

Chef Bork Bork

Glasspool, Tribute of Wurmwater

William, Tribute of Wurmwater

Axel, Tribute of Opportunity

Rose, Tribute of Opportunity

Flay, Tribute of Southern Shelf

Strip, Tribute of Southern Shelf

Bailly, Tribute of Sawtooth Cauldron

Morteus, Tribute of Sawtooth Cauldron

Fuse, Tribute of Frostburn

Cynder, Tribute of Frostburn