Borderlands 3: Destroy satellite dish - Bad Reception

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Destroy satellite dish is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Destroy satellite dish is an objective in the Side Quest, Bad Reception in Borderlands 3


  • At the base of the Satellite Tower, you will encounter a number of Bandits.
  • You will encounter a number of Fanatics, and Tinks.
  • You can also encounter Varkid Adults that are fluttering around the area.
  • Kill those directly attacking you, but it is time to start climbing the Satellite Tower.
  • Mantle up onto the Blue container to get started.
  • Slowing make your way around the tower, climbing upwards to the third landing where you will find the satellite dish.
  • Destroy the dish to have its antenna break off.
  • Collect the Antenna for another option for Claptrap.