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==Video Walkthrough==
==Video Walkthrough==
[ Hammerlocked Video Walkthrough]
[https://youtu.be/aRf5wjWbBnM Hammerlocked Video Walkthrough]
[[Category: Borderlands 3 Wiki|Hammerlocked]]
[[Category: Borderlands 3 Wiki|Hammerlocked]]

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Hammerlocked is a Mission in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Hammerlocked is a Story Mission in Borderlands 3.


”You've opened the Promethea Vault, but at great cost. It's more important than ever to open the Vaults before the Calypsos grow more powerful. The next Vault is on Eden-6. Lilith's friend Sir Hammerlock might be able to help if he weren't in a spot of bother.”




  • $3,642
  • 13,298 XP

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Video Walkthrough

Hammerlocked Video Walkthrough