Borderlands Pre-Sequel: Find last colleague - Science and Violence

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Find last colleague in Borderlands: The Presequel (BL:TPS)

"Find last colleague" is a mission objective in the story mission "Science and Violence" in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Find last colleague - Science and Violence

Follow Dr. Torres to the South. He will lead you right to the door of the Robotics suite of the area. Be sure to follow him closely so he opens the door. Head on through it to get to Robotics Durability and Adaptability Research. Here you'll be looking for Dr. Grayson. Head through the door ahead of you that is to the left of where you came in.

Find last colleague - Science and Violence

Head up the ramp on the right. Turn to the South that. You will have to deal with 2 pairs of sequential Ambush Stalkers who are waiting for you. Take them out as you head to the South.

Head up the short ramp on the right at the end of the short hall. Head around the wall and go over to the East. You will see another office with a scientist in it: Dr. Grayson. Approach the glass and knock on it. He'll tell you that he dropped his key card and a Stalker ate it. Time to find the stalker and kill it.

Science and Violence Mission Objectives

Turn in: Jack