Breath of the Wild: History of the Zora, Part Three

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History of the Zora, Part Three in LoZ:BotW.

The History of the Zora, Part Three is a Monument, and a location you need to visit for the quest Zora Stone Monuments.


Miracle of the White Scale As told by King Dorephan

Our scholars say that in the distant past, Zora's Domain had a king with no special talent for the art of war. What he lacked with a blade, he made up for in love for his people, and especially love for his queen. One day, news reached the king of a horde of monsters gathering in the Zodobon Highlands. The king steeled himself for war to protect his people, but the queen knew how ill suited for the task he was. Worried for his life, she wove one of her own scales into his armor, hoping that her love would protect him in battle. It seemed for a time that the tide of battle favored the Zora and that all would make it safely home. But the cunning Lizalfos general saw an opening and seized it, driving the king's forces into a corner.Just when the general's sword was ready to crash down upon the king, a miracle took place. An errant sunbeam reflected from the scale on his armor blinded the Lizalfos, stopping the deathblow from falling. This was the chance the king needed to rally his forces and turn the tide, taking down the general and securing victory. This came known as the Miracle of the White Scale, a scale that only female Zora possess. It was this miracle that began the tradition of Zora princesses crafting armor for their future husbands.