The White King Mine Horde in Days Gone.

Inside White King Mine in the Cascade region, you can find a horde.


  • This is a smaller horde, making it a bit easier to take down with only a bit of preparation.
  • Have at least 4-6 Molotovs and it helps a lot to have the Crowdbreaker combat shotgun on hand.
  • Approach the mines during the day, while the Swarmers are going to be grouped together and most off-guard.
  • With the Horde gathered, it will be easy to start.
  • Lob a Molotov into the closest Horde and then aim at the first of the Swarmers to be coming after you to lob a second one on them.
  • Start backing up toward the entrance of the mine itself.
  • As the Horde closes in on you, back up and lob either Molotovs or start shooting with your Crowdbreaker.
  • Keep on the move to avoid getting swarmed as you are fighting the Horde.

Video Walkthrough

White King Mine Horde Video Walkthrough