The Mission Objective Defeat the Taken in Destiny: The Taken King.


“Defeat the Taken” is an objective in the mission Outbound Signal in Destiny: The Taken King


Defeat the Taken - Outbound Signal

Having scanned the terminal, you need to take on a squad of Taken. They are lead by Vro'ourn, Fist of Oryx. This giant Taken Centurion is a dangerous foe. Vro'ourn, Fist of Oryx is a big danger. They have the usual homing energy attacks of Taken Centurions and other high ranking Taken Cabal. Unlike most Taken, Vro'ourn does not teleport around too much unless the battle lasts a while. Most of the time Vro'ourn will walk and jump along the area.

The forces that come With Vro'ourn pose a threat simply because of their numbers. Still, defeat Vro'ourn and they will all disappear. It will end the mission.