The Mission Objective Destroy the Coven in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Destroy the coven of Wizards behind the Taken incursion.”

“Destroy the Coven” is an objective in the mission Blighted Coven in Destiny: The Taken King


There are 3 wizards spread in this area that you need to deal with. As soon as this objective starts though, you are given the debuff: Marked by the Void. While this debuff has appeared in the Vault of Glass Raid, it works differently here. You motion tracker is disabled. You cannot see where the enemies are coming from.

There are 3 wizards to be found in this area now. Expect a fairly constant stream of Shadow Thralls while you are hunting the Wizards.

Wizard 1

Destroy the Coven - Blighted Coven

The first appears just outside the room where you took down the Captains. Head over to the far wall and turn right. Head back through the break to find the first Wizard. This is Mysik, Daughter of Oryx.

Wizard 2

Destroy the Coven - Blighted Coven

This Taken Wizard is found at the top of the nearby stairs. Head on up, run over to the wall and turn around. You will see the Wizard on the left just above the stairs themselves. This is Thyshik, Matron of Oryx

Wizard 3

Destroy the Coven - Blighted Coven

This Wizard is found back on the lower level. Head past the hole where you found the Taken Captain and just go forward instead. You will find another entrance in front of you. In this area you will find the wizard: Zyrak, Daughter of Oryx

Defeat all 3 to complete the mission.