The Mission Objective Get to your ship in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Cross the Aerodrome to your ship for exfiltration.”

“Get to your ship” is an objective in the mission The Coming War in Destiny: The Taken King


Head along the walkway and deal with the pair of Taken Phalanx in front of you. Go around the corner and then drop down onto the lowered elevator below you.

Get to your ship - The Coming War

Below you is the conflict between the Taken and Cabal. Drop down after you clear a spot for yourself. Go straight ahead and then jump across the gap in front of you. When you land, there are more Taken Phalanx to deal with. Get through them and head inside the open door.

Get to your ship - The Coming War

This room has yet more Taken for you to deal with. There are Taken Psions on the first ledge you need to immediately deal with. Defeat them and head out to get closer to the landing field. Taken Phalanx and more Psions will appear. Fight or run through,. You can see your Jumpship just beyond this wave of Taken.

Get to your ship - The Coming War