Destiny: Reach the Cabal Base - Knock Knock

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The Mission Objective Reach the Cabal Base in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Variks has detected another Cabal base under assault from the House of Wolves.”

“Reach the Cabal Base” is an objective in the mission Knock Knock in Destiny: The Taken King


Reach the Cabal Base - Knock Knock

You touch down in the Scablands, well outside the Cabal Base. Head forward toward the Cabal base you can see in front of you. Make your way throught he cabal and over to the opening in their wall. From there, you need to head for Firebase Rubicon

As you approach the base, you will encounter more Cabal. Expect a few Psion Operants as you draw in. Weave your way through toward the back of the Firebase and the entrances to the hallway beyond to the right. This leads you forward to the Rubicon Wastes.