SIVA column in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

SIVA is a remnant of the Golden Age Technology, it is also known as Ironsbane. SIVA is a semi-conscious self-replicated colony of nanomachines. It can be used to build anything or can be infused and alter an existing life form. It was very versatile back in the Golden Age of humanity.

SIVA was first encountered by the Iron Lords in the early years of the City. They attempted to use it to help humanity push toward a better future. It went rogue and the Iron Lords where forced to seal it away underneath the Plaguelands in Old Russia. It took the sacrifice of 8 of the Iron Lords to seal away SIVA in its Vault.

The House of Devils has found this sealed vault and opened it up. They have used the SIVA nanotech/virus to mechanize themselves and become more perfect "Machine Gods".[[Category: Destiny