The Quest Step, A Fateful Gift in Destiny 2.

A Fateful Gift is a quest step in Destiny 2.

Part of the Purifying Thorn Quest.


"The fate of this wicked tool is in your hands now." - Shin Malphur

You've discovered a letter in the ruined campsite where you found your mangled Thorn. The sender purports to be the legendary Shin Malphur, a supposed do-gooder with a complex approach to doing good. He claims he's entrusting you with the original Thorn, a hateful weapon capable of permanently killing Guardians. The gun is hidden away somewhere, and to find it, you'll have to use an enclosed system positioning device to track it down. Your Ghost observes the signal changes once an hour, on the hour, so you'll have to be quick.

Identify the location of the original Thorn using your system positioning device.


  • The location of the chest changes hourly
  • The System Positioning Device only gives the location's name for the Guardian to begin their hunt in.


Excavation Site II

  • Travel to Giant's Scar and make your way through the mining area to reach Excavation Site ii.
  • Travel through the area to far end, where your progress forward is blocked by a door.
  • Look to the large window to the left of the door.
  • You will see a small wooden-like chest below the window lip.
  • Open the chest to claim the Original Thorn.

Shaft 13

  • Head to the Lost Sector Shaft 13 in the EDZ
  • Travel to the Sludge landing zone.
  • From there, head into the entrance of the Lost Sector itself.
  • Inside the entrance, head up onto the walkway above the ground, to the small crawl opening below the Trostland sign.
  • Head back through this hallway and then jump up the open door on the ledge above you in the back right.
  • Go along this hallway to the room with the door open into the hallway.
  • Head inside this room and look to the right of the door.
  • Collect the contents of the chest.

Spine of Keres

  • Land in the Dilivan Mist and make your way to the Spine of Keres
  • Go into the courtyard before the building with te Oracle Engine itself.
  • Turn to the left and head along the bridge and take the stairs upwards.
  • Go across the second bridge and onto the platform withe the spiraling stairs on the right-hand side.
  • Head to the left, jumping the gap to the separate rock formation.
  • Jump the rocks to the left of this landing
  • Move along this platform to the tree just beyond it to find the chest.

Alton Dynamo

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Additional Notes

  • The end reward of the quest chain is Lumina.