Destiny 2: Abandoned Bunker Explored - Lost Lament

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Abandoned Bunker Explored is a quest step in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Part of the Lost Lament Quest.





  • Explore the Hidden Europa Bunker


  • Make your way to the Eventide Ruins and into the yellow building in the middle of the area.
  • Head inside and go over to the opposite side of the low ramp and jump through the opening in the wall here.
  • Drop down and follow the path here to reach the end of the walkway to reach Bunker E15, after 1 more room that has a number of Fallen here, with a Captain, Dregs and Vandals.
  • Jump from the ground onto the container and use that to climb onto the remains of the walkway above.
  • With the door open, head inside to enter the Lost Sector itself.
  • Claiming what you need, simply calls for you to head on through the Lost Sector as normal, defeat the Vex, freeing the Braytech Heavy Frames for some help.

Quest Steps[edit]