Destiny 2: Asset Interception - Exodus Evacuation

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The Objective, “Asset Interception” in Destiny 2.

Asset Interception is an Objective in the Story Exodus Evacuation in Destiny 2.


Open chests protected by Hive Ultras in the Solarium and Festering Halls to claim their Golden Age Tech.

"The Hive made this tech their priority. Let's see what's so important." - Deputy Command Sloane


  • Head onto the the Rig and go to the East to find your way over to the Solarium, once there, you will need to head down into the pool in the entrance area.
  • In the pool you will find Pryn-Rid, Treasurer of Savathun.
  • Defeat Pryn-Rid, who will drop a chest with the first piece of Golden Age Tech.
  • From there, head over to the South and through the doors to head deeper to the Festering Halls.
  • In the first area with the flooded plaza, you will encounter Kefonres, Rapacity of Savathun.
  • Defeat this massive Ogre to get it to drop a chest with more Golden Age tech.
  • Go up the stairs to head deeper into the Festering Halls, going down into the dark area below, to reach the final area.
  • There, you will find past the Darkness to the large Hive-Infested plaza.
  • You will find Zhum'boh, Voracity of Savathun, a strong Ogre.
  • If needed, clear out the Wizards, Thralls, and Acolytes.
  • Defeating Zhum'boh, the third and final chest will appear with the final piece of Golden Age Tech.