Destiny 2: Break the Hive Seals - Deathless

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The Objective, “Break the Hive Seals” in Destiny 2.

Break the Hive Seals is an Objective in the Adventure Deathless in Destiny 2.



  • Go over to the nearby crates to take cover from the barrage loosed by the Shrieker.
  • Wait for the break in the shots to duck out and unload on it.
  • Defeating the first Shrieker will break 1 of the Hive Runes.
  • Another Shrieker will activate, this time very close to the door with the Runes.
  • You will also see a number of Thralls and Cursed Thralls entering the room from where you did.
  • Getting through the Thralls will call in a number of Acolytes that will also come at the Guardian.
  • Clear the Thrall and the Acolytes before you start dealing with the Shrieker.
  • Once again, find a safe place for cover and then open fire on the Shrieker when an opening is available.
  • Destroying this one will also break of the 3 Runes holding the door closed.
  • Take cover behind the crates or the pillars nearby the door with the seals.
  • Before the final Shrieker activates, more Hive will come into a room, a few Thralls, Acolytes, and a Knight.
  • The knight is armed with the solar spread shot crossbow. Defeat the knight to bring in a few more Acolytes into the room.
  • As those Acolytes enter, the final Shrieker will activate.
  • Use the ramp on the opposite end of the platform to get a good position on it and gain plenty of protection from its rapid blasts.
  • Defeat this Shrieker to destroy the final rune and clear the way forward.