Destiny 2: Defeat Val Belyx - Dark Monastery

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The Objective, “Defeat Val Belyx” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Defeat Val Belyx is an Objective in Dark Monastery in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Defeat Val Belyx, Gauntlet of Incaru.


  • Just after Val Belyx appears, 2 Taken portals will bring out a number of Taken Psions and Phalanx.
  • The number of foes here can make things difficult to deal with.
  • If you need space to recover or to work toward thinning the foes, either run up the stairs back toward the entrance of the room or down the stairs and then down the second set of stairs nearby the sealed doorway there.
  • You will also need to watch for the Ravenous Taken Goblins.
  • These will appear in the second wave and start protecting other Taken.
  • Clear out most of the Taken and it will make it easier to get clear shots at Val Belyx.
  • Use the whole room to avoid the enemies and fight through the whole lot of enemies.