Destiny 2: Defeat the Abomination - Last Call

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The Objective, “Defeat the Abomination” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Defeat the Abomination is an Objective in Last Call in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Defeat the attackers blocking your way to Cayde.


  • The Guardian is now confronted by the Demented Abomination, a massive creature that will be sending bolts of Lighting at the Guardian.
  • Once you have done a little damage to it, a number of Raiders will make their way into the room.
  • Defeat the Raiders that are closest to you first to ensure you have space to move around.
  • Unload your heavy weapon on the Abomination to get a significant portion of its health down.
  • After that, you will want to keep to the outside part of the arena.
  • This will afford you a lot of cover, and minimize the number of Raiders that will be shooting at you.
  • Kill the Raiders that move into your path.
  • Aim for the faceplate head of the Abomination as much as possible.
  • When the boss is at low health is a great time to use your super to move in (if needed) and kill them off.

  • If you are having trouble getting the time to regenerate health and shield, run around the outermost portion of the arena, hopping.
  • This is an old trick, but it generally will throw off the tracking from the Scorn's shots.

  • With the Abomination defeated, go over to the hatch it was attacking.
  • Interact with it to open the door and complete the mission.