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The Story Mission, “Homecoming” in Destiny 2.

Defend the Tower - Homecoming is an Objective in the story mission Homecoming in Destiny 2.


Assaults repelled: 0/3


Either head over to the area where Zavala is or keep around where the Vaults or Eververse store is.

Defend the Tower - Homecoming

Between each of the waves, there will be a barrage of missiles from the nearby Cabal ships. Zavala will call out that you should return to him. Only head there if you are nearby. Otherwise head over into the vault section or somewhere far from Zavala to avoid dying.

Defend the Tower - Homecoming

During this fight, you can be aided by other Guardians who are in the area. They can help a lot to deal with all the Cabal in the area.

Defend the Tower - Homecoming

Defend the Tower - Homecoming