Destiny 2: Destroy Ether caches - Differential Diagnosis

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The Objective, “Destroy Ether caches” in Destiny 2.

Destroy Ether caches is an Objective in the Adventure Differential Diagnosis in Destiny 2.


Wait for the Fallen to reveal the canisters of enhanced Ether, then destroy them.


  • Either wait for the Fallen to appear or run toward the entrance of the Widow's Walk.
  • You will encounter a group of Empyrean Vandal, and Empyrean Dregs.
  • Either kill all of them or just thin them out to bring out the Ether Cache.
  • Once the first cache has appeared, finish off the Fallen and then shoot the cache to destroy it.
  • This will prompt you to see there are 4 Ether Caches in the are to be found

  • Throughout the encounter, 3 other Ether Caches will appear throughout the area.
  • One will appear under the walkway.
  • Another will appear in the remains of the shop nearby the crashed ship.
  • The final Ether cache appears in the back right of Widow's Walk.