Expeditions in the Season of Plunder.

The Expeditions you can undertake for Plunder during the Season of Plunder.

Expedition Europa

  • Arrive at the Drill and protect it while it extracts the buried treasure from the Ice.
  • You will need to destroy in the assaulting Cabal, Vex, and Fallen
  • Occasionally, you have Brutes that will attempt to steal your treasure.
  • There can be Jammers, which will cause your Drill to blow up

Claiming Your Treasure

  • At the end of the Expedition, you can open a chest with your Skeleton Key.
  • Just behind that chest there are 3 Glyphs on the ground.
  • Approach any without a chest on them and interact with them.
  • As long as you have a Treasure Map, you can claim additional rewards from this chest.