Destiny 2: Find signature traces - Initial Consultation

From Orcz
The Objective, “Find signature traces” in Destiny 2.

Find signature traces is an Objective in the Adventure Enhance! in Destiny 2.


Search the storefronts in town for a path that leads to the signature fiven off by Cabal technology.


  • Make your way to the Northeastern portion of Trostland.
  • Along the Eastern side of Trostland you will find a few store fronts to investigate.
  • The one you want is the first on the Eastern side.
  • You need to duck or slide under a plank to get inside and there are more Empyrean Dregs and Empyrean Vandals on the other side.
  • Eliminate those Fallen and then drop down the hole in front of you.
  • Follow the tunnel to its end, fighting off the Fallen that get in your way.
  • This path will lead you into Terminus East, a Lost Sector.