Find the Way is an objective in Duality.




    • This provides the solution for entering the chamber clean, all statues in their initial position.
  • Arriving in this large chamber, you will find a bell in its middle.
  • Hit the bell with a weapon until it strikes, taking you into the Nightmare.
  • Inside the Nightmare, go over to the closest statue on the right with its blade pointing toward the bell.
  • Go to the back of its base, where you see a bust of Calus's face that you can interact with.
  • Interact with this switch 3 times.
  • Turn to the left and head to the next statue.
  • Find the switch on its base in the back.
  • Interact with the switch 2 times.
  • Continue to the left from here to the next statue along here.
  • Interact with this switch 2 times.
  • With all that done, go to the middle of the room and climb up to the bell.
  • Shoot the bell to be taken out of the Nightmare and brought back to Reality.
  • Drop to the area below the bell now and watch the Calus symbol on the floor spin through its sequence.
  • If the statues are correctly positioned, then the door in the floor will open.
  • Drop down through here, cushioning your landing carefully.
  • When you land, head to the Rally Point to prepare for the next encounter, Unlock the Vault
  • Leave the central area to begin the encounter.