The Mission, “The Inverted Spire” in Destiny 2.

Get clear of the drill - The Inverted Spire is an Objective in the strike The Inverted Spire in Destiny 2.



  • Go forward and head down into the pit that is being drilled.
  • You will encounter some Psions and then more Phalanx.
  • Head over to the right and fight your way through the Cabal.
  • There will be some War Beasts ahead past the first drop.
  • They are aided by some Phalanx around here as well.
  • Continue along this side to the opening in the dig site wall.
  • Go inside this cave, Excavation Site VII to press forward.
  • Go into the Vex structure and head inward.
  • This will bring you into the the Inverted Spire itself.
  • Drop down into the pit in front of you and fight the Harpies and Goblins there.