The Objective, “In His Footsteps” in Destiny 2.

In His Footsteps is an Objective in the Story Exodus Evacuation in Destiny 2.


Complete strike "Tree of Probabilities" and defeat Cabal on Mercury to collect Traces of Osiris.

"Osiris moved through the Forest as a god. We must deal with the repercussions as mortals." - Brother Vance


  • Having completed the first quest step, it is time to move onto another, starting into the Strike, "Tree of Probabilities."
  • To collect the Traces of Osiris, you simply need to find and kill any Cabal that are about on the planet (but not during the Public Event).
  • Depending on your fireteam, you could have to run the strike twice or simply run around Mercury after having completed the strike.
  • When this second quest step is done, it is time to head to the directory for Mercury.