Lost Sector Methane Flush in Destiny 2.

Methane Flush is a Lost Sector on Titan in Destiny 2.


Previously used to clear out excessive methane that had built up within the facility.


Connected Areas


  • Found along the Siren's Watch along the Northeastern edge.
  • Go along the outside edge to find the open doorway to lead into the Lost Sector.
  • Take the stairs down and follow the passage forward to reach the Lost Sector.
  • Inside is a few rooms with a number of Acolytes.
  • In the first room, you will find Karugul.
  • You will see Karugul move to the back room when she takes enough damage.
  • Through you will be under fire from the Hive forces.
  • All of them are ranged fighters, all the Knights and Acolyte.
  • In the very back, on the elevated platform, you will find the Champion's cache.


Video Walkthrough

Lost Sector Methane Flush Video Walkthrough