Destiny 2: Navigate the cave - Grasp of Avarice

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The Objective, “Navigate the cave” in Destiny 2.

Navigate the cave is an Objective in the Dungeon Grasp of Avarice in Destiny 2.


Explore the caves to find the source of the Fallen.


  • Turn to the back of the crystal skull.
  • You will see an opening back there, and climb on up the large crystal in the back to reach the opening.
  • Time to navigate through the twisting area, Sunken Lair.
  • There are now massive crystals to be used to jump across to navigate through the Lair.
  • But first, drop down to the bottom of this first shaft.
  • Go forward to the left, running along the bottom of this crystalline area.
  • On the next large crystal, climb on up and jump over to the next 2 flat crystals on the same level as you.
  • On the second, turn to the right and jump to the V-bend in front of you.
  • Just run forward from there and look down to the lower area.
  • Drop down to the ledge well below you.
  • On this ledge, go into the launcher there to be brought to the start of the next encounter, the Fallen Shield.