Destiny 2: Sixth Bypass - Niobe Labs

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Sixth Bypass is a quest step in Destiny 2: Black Armory.

Part of the Niobe Labs Quest.


  • If any Shield Drones are active on any enemies (excluding mines) then all enemies are immune to damage!
  • Major (Non-Boss Yellow Bar) Enemies will spawn in additional enemies of their type.
  • Servitors create walls that block parts of the room.



  • This is going to a big fight now, with 2 Boss Servitors and 2 Boss Captains: Kzelkis, Kell's Scourge and a Major Shank.
  • Once again, the Bosses are protected by Shield Drones which will need to be destroyed before you can start damaging them.
  • Begin by having the team gather together in the front section of the area, below the entrance to the Forge.
  • 2 walls will be erected, boxing them into the middle with the 2 Servitors.
  • The narrow area can make this fight a bit harder, but still very possible.
  • Defeat the Servitors and then turn your attention to the Captains that have appeared in the area as wells.

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