The Mission, “The Inverted Spire” in Destiny 2.

Traverse Deeper - The Inverted Spire is an Objective in the strike The Inverted Spire in Destiny 2.



  • Go into the mountain and drop down over the next ledge.
  • You will enter the Respawn Restricted zone for the rest of the mission.
  • This will lead you into The Anchor
  • Continue forward to a ledge, turn right there and press forward.
  • There will be more Cabal on the platforms below you.
  • Take out the Psion in front on the platform below you.
  • Go forward after that to the edge of the platform the Psion was on and look onward. You will see Cabal and Vex fighting.
  • There are a few Phalanx and a Blood Guard Centurion fighting against Vex.