Destiny 2: Use the Light - Spark

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The Objective, “Use the Light” in Destiny 2.

Use the Light is an Objective in the story mission Spark in Destiny 2.


Use your newly regained powers to lay waste to the Fallen.


  • Head to any of the Wells of Light, this will give the Guardian Boundless Light.
  • This buff fills both your Grenade and Super in mere seconds, allowing for its frequent usage.
  • There are numerous Dregs that are rushing this location you will need to kill using whatever means you choose.
  • After getting through a number of Dregs, you will draw out Skriviks, the Sharp-Eyed.
  • While fighting them, more Wretches will enter the area as well.
  • Defeat all of the Fallen here and you will be given prompts to guide you through your first Leveling Up of your Subclass.