Wish Room Chest in Forsaken.

This is a hidden chest that requires the Glittering Key to access in the The Last Wish Raid.

Accessing the Chest

    • The chest is found between the third and fourth encounters inside the raid, between Morgeth and The Vault.
  • Go to the Wish Room inside the Last Wish and enter the code for the Second Wish, "For Material Validation."
  • After that, to quickly reach the chest, use Wish 5 to be taken to just in front of the Morgath encounter.
  • Here, you will need to defeat the Giant Taken Ogre, Moregeth, the Spirekeeper to proceed forward toward the chest.
  • Enter into the Hall of Two Souls, go on up both sets of stairs in here
  • Start going over to the right, across the broken walkway at the top of the staircases.
  • On this grassy ledge, you will see a pile of stone next to a large stone spire.
  • Jump from the pile of rocks onto the stone spire.
  • You will see a path on the stone, going up and over to the right.
  • Make your way upwards all the way to the top of the stone.
  • You will find the chest sitting up there.
  • Opening this chest will have the Ermine TAC-717.