Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Adept of the Metaverse

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Adept of the Metaverse in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Adept of the Metaverse is an achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


During Black Market Buy, there are 3 tutorials that need to be completed to get this achievement.

This triggers just after you enter through the first door with a keypad. While in a tutorial, you can reset it at any point to run through it again.

To complete a tutorial, simply reach all the holograms in the tutorial.

Cover Tutorial[edit]


Follow the green holograms to receive tutorial instructions about various game mechanics. Experiment without any consequences. You can reset or exit at any time.

Learn about moving to cover, cover swapping, rounding corners, vaulting over cover and transitioning from cover to 1st person view.

Reach the Holograms 0/6[edit]

Head to the first stack of beams in front of you. Take cover there.


Look over the beams to the next patch of cover, to the left of the body. Follow the on-screen prompt to move over to the next piece of cover.


Turn to the South. You will see the next hologram you need to move to there.


Go to the corner and look around it to the East. You can see the next hologram just in front of you.


Face North. It is time for you to practice vaulting over cover. Follow the prompts to reach the next piece of cover.


Finally, look to the East. Follow the last instructions to reach the final check point and finish this first tutorial.


Stealth Tutorial[edit]


Reach the Holograms 0/6[edit]

Go to the first crate in front of you and take cover. Follow the prompt on screen to activate your Leg Silencer Augment then drop down through the hatch just in front of you (this tutorial can also start inside the elevator itself).


Once in cover, follow the second prompt to activate the Glass-Shield Cloaking augment.


Turn to the East after that and go around the corner.


Head down the stairs just past the corner. Follow the prompts on screen to use your augment to mark or read it to know how to mark your opponents.


This is followed by a prompt to on how to pick and throw items. This can be used to lure or distract opponents that are in the area.


Combat Tutorial[edit]


Reach the Holograms 0/4[edit]

Head forward and take cover behind the crates just inside the room.


Follow the prompt on screen to call up the quick inventory and use a Hypostim


Proceed forward to the next hologram. This prompts you to try out the Typhoon augment.


Go to the North and to the far side of the pile of wooden planks. You will find the final hologram to trigger the end of the tutorial.