Divinity Original Sin 2: Burro

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Burro at the Fort Joy Ghetto in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Trying to collect money from Elodi

Burro is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Burro, along with Kana, are trying to shakedown Elodi. Burro is trying to collect "protection money" from Elodi, to give to the camp boss, Griff. According to Burro, everyone in the camp has to pay their share to the camp boss, but Elodi refuses and wants Burro to show her some respect.





Burro - Your kind're getting too big for your boots, you know. Bloody cavies. Ought'a keep outta our hair if you don't want to pay for the pleasure.

Sebille - *Ask w'hat he means by ’cavies'.*

Burro * Your kind. And the dwarves and lizards besides. Those of you that’d see the whole realm eaten up by the Voidwoken 'fore you'd change your ways.


Burro - Bloody cavies. Too big for their boots, as usual. They oughta keep outta our hair if they don't want to pay for the pleasure.

Ifan Ben-Mezd - [IFAN] *Tell him your own boots are just the right size.*

Burro - Whatever.


Burro - Your kind're getting too big for your boots, you know. Bloody cavies. Ought’a keep outta our hair if you don't want to pay for the pleasure.

The Red Prince - *Say you're glad no blood was shed over the matter.*

Burro - This time, mare. This time.


Burro - Well done. Good to know when a freshie's got the right frame of mind about these matters.

Han Ben-Mezd - [HUMAN] *Ask him exactly what kind of frame of mind he means. *

Burro - You know. Don't take guff from savages and snakes and the like. I like to see that. Don’t be a stranger.


Burro - Didn't think one of your kind d have it in you. Well done.

The Red Prince - [LIZARD] ‘Say there’s no love lost between elves and lizards. *

Burro - Plenty o’ in-fighting, even among the savages, ain’t there. I’d think you lot’d band together to wreak your horrors on the rest of us, but you just ain’t civilised enough, I reckon.


Burro - Didn’t think one of your kind’d have it in you. Well done.

Sebille - [ELF] 'Say ancestry is meaningless in a place like this.*

Burro - Well, let’s not go so far as all that. You got a certain kinda blood in you, I got a certain kind in me. Don’t mean we can't get together now and then to split a skull, bur it don't make us friends.




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You may end up killing Burro as part of the quest, The Shakedown.


  • "Gotta hand it to 'em, elves sure smell better than when they die. Kinda like tall leaves, y’know?."
  • "You believe this, Kana? She's pushin' me, ain't she? Right to the edge"
  • "Graved god, will you quit draggin' this on? T'ain't that hard, legsy. Just hand over the gold."
  • "Disgustin'. Just like all your kind."
  • "Bread or a brisket, toll's the same!"
  • "You keep his name out of your mouth, y'filthy cud-chewer."
  • "Come'on then, legsy. Pay up!"