Divinity Original Sin 2: The Red Prince - Companion

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The Red Prince at the Fort Joy Beach in Divinity: Original Sin II (D:OS2)

The Red Prince is a Companion in Divinity: Original Sin 2

First encountered on board The Hold in the Mess Hall talking to Namiyah. Cannot be recruited to your party at this stage.

Later, can be found at the Fort Joy Beach.


Fort Joy Beach
Fort Joy Beach


Narrator - "You spot a strange lizard gazing over the water with a steady, malcontent stare. His skin is of a bright, blood red colour. Never before have you seen a lizard such as this."

Sebille - [SEBILLE] "Challenge him to reveal his House. Does he belong to the accursed House of War, the den of slavers?*

Narrator - "The lizard turns towards you with the graceful ease of a dancer - or a duellist. He looks you up and down with a less-than-impressed expression."

The Red Prince -1 more than belong, girl. I am a prince of the House - long be its rule and long be its fame. That rather fetching mark on you cheek, I suppose, is the reason you ask?

Sebille - "Confirm his presumption with a silent nod." The Red Prince -1 thought as much. So what will it be? You’ve found a big bad slaver cornered by the sea and I can tell you're dying to sec me dead.

Sebille - "Don’t take the bait. There's no point in risking your life over this matter."

The Red Prince - So you're not entirely bereft of common sense I gather. Your master must have taught you well. Now if there’s nothing further...

Sebille - "Notice that he seems to be quite alone. Did he ever consider looking for companionship?*

The Red Prince - No.

Sebille - *Say you're intrigued by the colour of his skin. This is the first time you’ve ever seen a red lizard.*

The Red Prince - That's because I'm the only one. They call me the Red Prince, the Spouse of the Sun. They say that when I was born the sun didn't set for seven days, so enamoured was she with little red me. Be that as it may, I fancy I was rather lucky to be born a prince. It made them celebrate my... uniqueness. Had I been common-born they might have drowned me in a well.

Sebille - *Ask if perhaps it was his birthright he was contemplating: a matter of life and death it seems.*

The Red Prince - Not quite no - one doesn't usually ponder what one takes for granted. Life and death, though, life and death... I don't know why I would even tell you this, but at this precise, this defining moment in time, I'm quite beyond the vanities that would otherwise impede me. I find my mind wandering along the wall-like frontier of suicide, you see. To scale it, or not to scale it: that is my conundrum.

Sebille - ‘Remark that you always could lend him a hand, should courage fail him.*

The Red Prince - That would hardly be fair, now would it? The operative notion in suicide is that of the self after all. Besides, courage never foils me. Weakness does not belong to the characteristics of a prince.

Sebille - *Say true courage would mean that he braves the misfortunes that assail him. Why doesn't he join you? You intend escape from this isle.*

The Red Prince - Escape? I had not considered the option, being neither avian nor amphibian in nature. The prospect would please me, 1 admit, my alternative being rather dour. But tell me, why would I cast in my lot with you? Elves make for good house slaves, not comrades in arms.

Sebille - [SEBILLE] *Make it clear you will never be a slave again. You’ll show this lizard the worth of a free woman!*

The Red Prince - In that case I doubt not your endeavours will amuse while we travel. Lead on, O bastion of freedom!