Arturo Rodriguez from Fallout 4

Arturo Rodriguez is a character in Fallout 4.

He is the owner of Commonwealth Weaponry, where he sells weapons, ammo, and other supplies.


Arturo Rodriguez is a weapons merchant and a father.

His daughter, Nina Rodriguez, goes to school during the day, while Arturo buys and sells armaments at his store, the Commonwealth Weaponry.

At night, Arturo can be found resting in his house (Arturo's House) right behind the shop.


Diamond City
Diamond City
Commonwealth Weaponry
Commonwealth Weaponry

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Jewel of the Commonwealth
Jewel of the Commonwealth


Arturo Rodriguez: Hey, you're the new guy, right?

Player: The new guy?

Arturo Rodriguez: Word kind of travels fast in Diamond City. What can I say? Name's Arturo Rodriguez. If you need protection, let's talk.

Player: So you know weapons, huh?

Arturo Rodriguez: Listen, I can sell you guns, swords, whatever. And they'll keep you alive for sure. But the real secret is in the mods. The little personal touches. Install a Scope, expand the clip size, whatever. You spend time with your gear, and you'll have the right answer to every problem. Anyway let's get back to you, and what kind of protection you need.

Player: My baby's missing. Is there anyone in town who can help?

Arturo Rodriguez: Look, I want to take care of my customers. But with all that talk about the Institute in the paper, I just can't get involved in someone else's problems.

Player: Arturo, right? I'm just asking for information. That's all.

Arturo Rodriguez: sigh. ok. There is someone who might be able to help. In the alley behind the market. There is a detective agency. Valentine's. You'll see the signs. But don't tell anyone you're going there, ok? Folks don't like that place. Surprised to see them still open.

Player: Why don't people like the Detective Agency?

Arturo Rodriguez: Look. If you ask me, Valentine is a good guy. He saved a lot of lives. But other people think he is just going to bring the Institute's attention.

Player: Thanks Arturo.

Arturo Rodriguez: Yeah, well, good luck. I hope you find your kid.

Player: Let's see what you have.

Arturo Rodriguez: Don't forget to stock up on ammo.

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