Fallout 4: Collect Mirelurk Carapaces - Hull Breach 3

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Collect Mirelurk Carapaces 0/3 in Fallout 4.

Collect Mirelurk Carapaces 0/3 is a quest objective in the mission Hull Breach 3 in Fallout 4: Far Harbor.


Hull Breach 3
Hull Breach 3


Haddock Cove
Haddock Cove


The recommended area, Haddock Cove is overrun with Mirelurks. This simply makes for the most convenient hunting are to quickly collect the 3+ Mirelurk Carapace that are needed for this quest. You can also search the shoreline of the Island to find more Mirelurks without having to travel to Haddock Cove.

Collect Mirelurk Carapaces 0/3 - Hull Breach 3

The Mirelurks are scattered throughout the waters of the Cove. If you want to have an easier time fighting them, take some time to get onto the walkways that dot the area.

Collect Mirelurk Carapaces 0/3 - Hull Breach 3

The mirelurks can be hiding in the dirt nearby the houses. Take some time to look for them with anything that can highlight living things. This makes it significantly easier to avoid being ambushed.

Collect Mirelurk Carapaces 0/3 - Hull Breach 3

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • While this objective is active, all Mirelurks will drop a Mirelurk Carapace.
  • More than 3 Carapace can be collected if you kill more Mirelurks than needed.
  • Equip any weapons that give bonuses to damage against Mirelurks.

Hull Breach 3 Quest[edit]