Fallout 4: Find and accuse the killer - Brain Dead

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Find and accuse the killer in Fallout 4.

Find and accuse the killer is a quest objective in the mission Brain Dead in Fallout 4: Far Harbor.


Brain Dead
Brain Dead


Vault 118
Vault 118


With all the evidence collected, you will be able to find and accuse the killer. The evidence hints at Ezra Parker having embezzled from the construction fund and Julianna Riggs.

It is known that Ezra and Julianna got into an argument about something a few days before the Detective (Sole Survivor) arrived.

Julianna got into the Overseer's office and found something that lead to this argument. Likely it was the Vault 118 Overseer's Log. This has the suspicions of the Overseer recorded.

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