Fallout 76: Collect bone meal - An Organic Solution

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Collect bone meal is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



Ella Ames' Bunker[edit]

  • Ella Ames' Bunker has a Deathclaw nest none too far from it.
  • The nest is East of the bunker and can be spotted by glowing mushrooms.

Thunder Mountain Power Plant[edit]

  • The site nearby Thunder Mountain Power Plant with the Bone Meal can be found nearby the Dam coming off the lake nearby the Power Plant.
  • From the main entrance of the Power Plant, make your way to the South a little to go around the power plant.
  • Head East from there over to the Lake.
  • As you are approaching, if possible, use a Phantom Device or Stealth Boy because the Bone Meal is protected by a Deathclaw, a fearsome opponent.
  • Go to the shore of the lake where you can see the Deathclaw pacing.
  • Nearby it you will be able to find the Deathclaw nest which will have the Irradiated Bone Meal you are looking for.
  • Collect it and sneak away before the invisibility wears off.