Fallout 76: Deposit the chemicals and bone meal - An Organic Solution

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Deposit the chemicals and bone meal is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • From the Nitrogen, turn to the West and head up the ramp and use the walkway to cross over to the Western building.
  • In the Western building, descend to the ground floor and head out of the room to the South.
  • Go into the next large room with a ramp leading upwards and stacks of blue barrels and white barrels in it.
  • Take the ramp up to the walkway above.
  • Follow the walkway to the terminal in the middle of it.
  • There are 3 parts to this terminal, Chemical Insertion (left), Catalyst Insertion (right) , and Chemical Combination Control (center).
  • Start with the left-hand terminal where you will want to insert the chemical containers one at a time.
  • Now move over to the right and interact with the Catalyst Insertion to inject the Bone Meal.