Fallout 76: Find the Command Center Password - Defiance Has Fallen

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Find the Command Center Password is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • To find the Command Center Password, head to the South from the locked up building, past the first building nearby you.
  • Go over the ledge and to the building with the hand-print with the lightning bolt.
  • Inside the building, go over to the South and into the next section of the building.
  • In this, head on down the stairs and then over to the right.
  • Go into the first basement room from there.
  • Going over to the North, you will find the the Secure Storage location.
  • Once again, this will have you needing to track down another key.
  • Once you have the Secure Storage Key, return here and open the door.
  • Inside the room, just look on the first table to your right, with the small HAM radio on it.
  • Just in front of the radio is the Command Center Password you are looking for.
  • With that found, it is time to return to the Command Center and attempt to get inside again.