Fallout 76: Find the Secure Storage key - Defiance Has Fallen

From Orcz
Find the Secure Storage key is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • With the Secure Storage room locked, look to the right of it to find the Secure Storage Policy.
  • Head out of the building with the Secure Storage room and head up the slope to the Northern part of Camp Valor, behind the barrier that the Brotherhood of Steel has set-up to the West.
  • Once up there, go into the first Eastern building.
  • Inside there, go between the bunkbeds just through the door to the lockers.
  • Go to the locker on the left and pick the lock on it (lv 0).
  • Inside here you will find the Secure Storage Key.
  • Head back outside of the compound and into the Building to the East.