Fallout 76: Find the location of Fort Defiance - Defiance Has Fallen

From Orcz
Find the location of Fort Defiance is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • Make your way over to the location of Camp Venture.
  • This location is found far to the East to the National Isolated Array, or to the Northwest of the Green building nearby the Southern end of the Mire.
  • Once in the area, head over to the West and go up the hill.
  • Head to the central Western area and into the building with the Eastern door and console.
  • This Terminal is Command Center Access, where it will be revealed that you need a Password to access this.
  • Make the short trek to Find the Command Center Password and Find the Secure Storage key.
  • Return to the terminal and access it once again to have the option of opening the nearby door.
  • Open it up and head inside the building to the South.
  • In the Southwestern portion of the room, you will find a few white tables.
  • One set has a terminal on it and one has a workshop light.
  • Head to the set that has the Workshop Light.
  • Nearby the light you will find a note that tells you the location of Fort Defiance, Letter to Tommy.
  • Apparently this Fort is found at Allegheny Asylum.